Line 100% Artisanal Gelato

From the tradition of Sicilian Artisan Gelato influenced by new lifestyles, based on a healthy and balanced diet, enriched by the use of the best raw materials, our Artisan Gelato is born. Made with genuine ingredients such as Zucchero, 100% Fresh Sicilian Milk and Fresh Cream, it manages to combine the universal flavors together with the local ones.

Artisan Gelato

Do you want to propose Artisanal Gelato 100% but don't have the equipment?
Choose our line of Artisanal Gelato indicated for Bars, Confectioneries, Restaurants, Catering and Hotels.

Mixes to make
Artisan Gelato (UHT)

Pastry, Ice-cream or Restaurant, whatever your business you can make Artisan Gelato for your business. The UHT Liquid Mixes of Artisan Gelato is Tasty, Comfortable and ready to Freeze.

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Mixes to make
Soft Artisan Gelato (UHT)

Prepare an excellent Soft Artisan Gelato thanks to our UHT Mixes for Soft Machines. Ready to taste brings the tradition of Italian Artisan Gelato in your activity.

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Dessert Monoporzione

Sorbetti - Gelati - Tartufi - Mousse - Parfait

Sorbetti e Gelati

Tartufi Gelato


Cassatine Siciliane

Cuore Caldo